Bugfixes and Tweaks

July 16th, 2021

We've been ironing out some often heard issues.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Tweaked browser autofill rules to reduce annoying autofill popups
  • Slightly improved dashboard chart loading times
  • Added right click menu to Expenses and Incomes
  • Improved UPC database


  • Fixed email hub & bulk edit datepicker
  • Fixed where the "Bulk Actions" menu sometimes stopped functioning
  • Fixed package searching by tracking code
  • Fixed where YS emails could be imported with no size
  • Fixed where some StockX emails couldn't be linked to an item
  • Fixed charts going flat
Introducing Email Hub for selling

July 2nd, 2021

Exciting launch week at Scout! We've been working on getting the new Email Hub Selling update out along with highly requested changes and fixes

Email Hub Selling

  • Added StockX
  • Added Stadium Goods
  • Added Flight Club
  • Added Restocks.net

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Nike Email Hub now handles women's sizing properly
  • Notes and Tracking Number are available as columns on the Inventory and Sales page
  • Cleaned up onboarding flow
  • Merged all Flight Club references to Goat
  • Improved search algorithm for all searchable data (emails, packages, activity, etc.)
  • Added delivery location to mobile package notifications
  • Added a warning when entering future purchase and sale dates into Scout


  • Fixed some issues with automated product matching
  • Fixed market data on coplist share pages
  • Fixed issue with chart timeframes
  • Fixed Shopify discount handling
  • Fixed BotBroker synced items from not being able to be deleted
  • Fixed issue with updating item tags
  • Fixed where dashboard charts failed to load
  • Fixed Undefeated sizes handling in Email Hub
  • Fixed Supreme tax handling in Email Hub
  • Fixed where other incomes had values off by 1 cent
Bugfixes and Data Accuracy

June 25th, 2021

Another bustling week here at Scout! We've spent a good amount of time working on fixing up bugs, and also on improving the accuracy of the data we keep track of for our users.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Disabled browser autocomplete over the entire app, so that the browser doesn't try to overwrite user inputs
  • Tags can now be deleted from expenses


  • All temporal data is now stored in UTC, instead of in user-specific timezones.
  • Validate that times and dates for things like purchase and sale dates are in reasonable ranges before allowing them to be added


  • Fixed a bug where fees for GOAT were not applied to unrealized profit when first loading the page
  • Fixed a bug where the dashboard charts showed Month-to-date data even when year-to-date was selected
  • Fixed a bug where date inputs were parsed incorrectly, resulting in out-of-bounds dates
  • Fixed a bug where users could not mark items as sold
  • Fixed a bug where the dashboard's all-time chart showed too long a date range
  • Fixed a bug where images from Hibbett emails were not shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the dashboard chart failed to load
  • Fixed a bug where market data was not shown as the user set it on inventory share pages
  • Fixed a bug where products that stockx deleted were not properly reassociated
  • Fixed a bug where expenses were not shown in the correct week in the dashboard
A HUGE new feature, plus bugfixes galore!

June 18th, 2021

It's been a busy week here at scout! We've been spending lots of time on a HUGE new feature (to be announced sometime in the next two weeks), but we've also done lots of bugfixes and Quality-of-life improvements!

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Upgraded some of the videos on the front-end to higher resolution
  • Added more indication for some required fields on the "Add Product" form


  • Fixed a bug where dashboard expense chart failed to account for quantity
  • Fixed a bug where batch marking items as listed failed
  • Fixed a bug so that incomes now exported based on when they were marked sold, for better accuracy
  • Fixed a bug such that the Product Enforcement Button is now functional
  • Fixed a bug where StockX deleted items weren't to the up-to-date product
  • Fixed a bug so products on the dashboard show up in the correct order, with those without purchase dates shown last.
  • Fixed a bug that would send multiple iOS Notifications about packages
  • Fixed a bug that would keep dashboard charts from loading
  • Fixed multiple bugs that would cause emails not to import correctly as items
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the dashboard to now inclusively show items that occurred at the beginning of the timestamp
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a user from deleting tags
  • Fixed a bug that resets dashboard time range unintentionally
  • Fixed a bug relating to the price of the UCLA Dunk & Nike Air Foamposite Pro Volt (2021) & Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere
  • Fixed a bug preventing barcodes from being scanned through the mobile app
  • Fixed sign in with apple
  • Fixed a bug that would cause user
  • Fixed a bug that caused sorting by most recent on the dashboard to not work correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple products no not have images
  • Fixed multiple bugs causing market prices to be shown in cents instead of dollars
  • Fixed a bug where custom fee templates dont show up on already sold items
  • Fixed bugs that caused multiple items to be off by one or more cents due to currency conversion errors
A few ease of use updates

August 18th, 2020

Hey 👋 in the past few days we've pushed three updates that streamlines a few operations on Scout. Firstly, you'll notice that when selecting multiple items there's a little popup that shows basic stats about your selected items/sales:

Next, you can now add to or create new Coplists when you're adding new items to your inventory:

Finally, you can set your Coplists to automatically hide sales if you only want to see inventory items & listings:

Have a great week!

Notes on everything!

July 22nd, 2020

You can now add notes to everything in Scout. This means, expenses, subscriptions, bot keys, and more all have easily editable notes!

Filtering & Inventory updates

July 22nd, 2020

We've spent the past few days simplifying some of the simple tasks of browsing inventory on Scout. You can now filter by sale/listing platform on your items. You can also select whether to view 30, 50, or 100 items per page. Along with that, we've pushed a visual update so you can see which Coplists your items are part of from the inventory & sales tab.

Currency & Fee updates

July 16th, 2020

We've just pushed a huge change for our non-US based users. Your currencies will now be calculated live, as opposed to the previous method of calculating based off of a saved USD value. You can also select whether or not you want platform (StockX, GOAT, FlightClub) fees to factor into your unrealized profit calculations.

Scout Releases

July 11th, 2020

We've just released Scout Releases, a brand new addition to Scout! View important releases from anywhere, add to your personal calendar, and view metrics of your profit per release. Check it out

Package tracking & email updates

July 9th, 2020

Today we've added two improvements to package tracking in Scout. Firstly, you can now view by status on Packages. This means you can filter to packages in transit, delivered packages, etc.

Additionally, we've made improvements to the way package tracking emails are automatically imported. You'll be seeing product images a lot more often on our imported emails